We are award-winning photographers based in the heart of Oklahoma.

Photography started out as more of a curiosity, and led to this knack for capturing spontaneous and meaningful moments. The more we worked, the more we realized we could truly seize so many meaningful moments in a couples day.

Shane Smethurst Photography

welcome, we’re leia & shane

I knew I couldn’t be in this business alone

Shane and I have become perfect partners in this business as we know each other so well- and we know exactly what we need to do to make our clients wedding day a success.

One of our most memorable weddings was on a warm Florida beach in January, our first time capturing a wedding barefoot! We have traveled all over Oklahoma and even Kansas. We’d love the opportunity to shoot a mountain wedding in Colorado, or a beautiful wooded wedding in Arkansas.

What fuels our business is knowing that couples absolutely need a team of professional photographers who can anticipate moments, who have years of experience, and who absolutely LOVE what they do. WE ARE THAT TEAM! Take a look at our work, and contact us with questions. We can’t wait to meet you! 

made with love

Leia Smethurst Wedding Photography Services in Oklahoma City
Leia and Shane Smethurst Photography

a little bit about us

years In business

I picked up a camera in 2007, became serious in 2009, and in 2010 formed my LLC. In 2013, Shane and I shot our first wedding together, and haven’t shot one separately since
Fun Fact
This is not the first job Shane and I have worked together in! We went to high school together in California, and worked at a hamburger stand flipping hamburgers and making milkshakes!

Awards Won

We have won The Knot Best of Weddings 10 years in a row. We have also won The Knot Hall of Fame and are in the top 5 wedding photographers in our state.

Our Approach

We have been in the business over 10 years and are passionate about our work. Also, what could be better than getting two photographers on your wedding day?!

Hear what our past couples have to say about working with us…

What is our approach?

Our approach is to first listen to what our couples want and then working towards solutions on how to achieve it.

Many couple want to hear how we work first, but I always like the couple to talk about their wedding plans first that way it is easier to know how we will be able to work around those plans.

We pose when necessary, and we capture candids as they are happening. For example, if you are gathered with friends, we may ask you to all look our way for a photo, on the same note, we also just allow great moments to happen on their own, and we are always camera-ready!

It’s a delicate balance between knowing when to pose, and when to let things happen on their own.

What can you expect during our time together?

To start off, I have always been very responsive with communication. Planning an event can be stressful, so I really want to break things down in an easy and non-overwhelming way as quickly as I can!

Wedding photography is my full time job, so my full time and attention is dedicated to my couples’ wedding day. I like working on your timeline months before the wedding day, this way we can work out any kinks. I like to know exactly what we are doing, this way you can rest assured your time with us will be used in the most efficient way possible.

On the day of, I have a printed copy of your timeline and I strive to keep the day on track. I have a printed list of all of the photos you would like with friends and family, so that portion of your wedding day will go by quickly. As I mentioned, it’s a delicate balance of staying out of the way, but being involved when I feel you need me to be.

After your wedding day, I am editing some sneak peek pictures, backing up all of your images, and I’m beginning the sorting and editing process.

You will receive an online gallery of your edited images within 2 weeks of your wedding day. Again, this is my full time job, so my full time and attention is dedicated until the job is complete!