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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We feel nervous about getting our pictures taken, is that ok?

We know a lot of our couples are quite nervous about getting their photos taken. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to make those feelings disappear!

You will be so busy laughing with us, and talking about your wedding day plans you will barely realize we are taking your pictures. Our goal is to capture candid authentic photos!

2. How long do you stay on a wedding day?

We have several collections with different amounts of time. During our consultation, we will talk about your ceremony time, the types of photographs you’d like before the ceremony, and how many you’d like afterwards. We will discuss things like the amount of light available after your ceremony (this will depend on the time of year). And we’ll discuss when you’d like to plan your exit.

All of these answers help me create a rough timeline for your day as we are talking, which helps me figure out the amount of time you may need to get the photos you are wanting. I will help you pick the perfect collection for what you are wanting.

3. Can we meet before we book?

Of course! We can meet in person, or online it’s up to you!

4. Are you only based in Oklahoma?

Yes, we are based in Oklahoma, although we do travel for weddings when you book collections of 8 hours or more.