Let’s have fun!

In this guide you will find some information to help you prepare for our engagement session


Location and time are the first things we have to think about. Are we shooting in a park? Downtown? Your house? The first step to picking the perfect spot for engagement photos is either picking a place that has meaning for both of you, perhaps the place where the proposal took place. Most couples choose a beautiful park, or even want a more intimate session at their home.

Depending on what time of year we are shooting in, it could be cold, or super hot (with Oklahoma, there is almost no in-between). We can shoot early in the morning while things are still cool out and light is even, or later in the evening during golden hour.

Typically couples choose to shoot later in the evening.


It all begins with the outfits. What should we wear? After all, you will probably be staring at these photos for some time. Here are my suggestions: Pick one casual, and one dressy outfit.

If you are planning on adding a splash of color with a pattern, make sure that one person wears the pattern, and the other wears a solid color that ties in to their partner.

In other words, compliment each other, but don’t match! Choose outfits you are comfortable in, and that are “you.”

Let’s also consider what season we are in, and the location of the shoot!


I love taking pictures of you both, and that beautiful ring!! Don’t forget to get your ring cleaned!

Get a manicure a few days before. Consider using your wedding day makeup trial for your engagement session.

Bring a brush, some lipstick, and a lint roller just in case! Guys: hang your dress shirt out a few days before, and iron if necessary.

Please bring a bag with you to carry all of the extras like your cell phones, keys, shoes, props etc.