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Embarking on the journey of wedding photography demands not only an artistic eye but also the mastery of a photographer’s chosen tool—the camera. In recent times, some photographers have made a notable switch from well-established brands like Canon to the innovative world of Fujifilm. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this shift and explore why choosing a photographer who understands their camera can significantly enhance the quality of wedding photos.

In September of 2016 after using Canon cameras professionally for years, I made the decision to switch us to a completely different platform: Fujifilm.  Many of our professional friends were shocked, but curious.  Today, there is a Fujifilm movement here in Oklahoma City.

In May of 2023 we upgraded to the Fuji XT5’s and today I thought I’d write about why we absolutely LOVE Fuji.

For years, Canon has been a prominent figure in the world of photography, offering reliable and high-performance cameras that have become favorites among professionals. However, as technology continues to advance, photographers are exploring new horizons, and Fujifilm has emerged as a formidable contender.

Size and Portability of Fujifilm:

We spent many years with sore arms, I kid you not, a Canon Mark III with a 70-200 lens attached AND a battery grip is one heavy rig.  We shoot with two cameras strapped to us, so to have that kind of weight on a wedding day ALL DAY is a lot to carry!  Sore backs, sore shoulders, sore arms.  One of the primary reasons we switched to Fuji was the compact and lightweight design. Aside from the weight, we also considered the size of the camera bodies and the lenses.  By switching to Fuji, we went from 3 large rolling bags full of equipment to two! One small rolling case for each of us!  The portability of Fuji cameras allows for increased mobility without compromising on image quality.

Film Simulation and Color Science:

Fujifilm is renowned for its exceptional film simulation modes and color science, and as a wedding photographer still trying to find my signature style in 2016 I was able to really define my style quickly with Fuji.  So many clients love the color that I am able to capture, giving their Fall wedding colors so much depth, or their Summer colors so much warmth.  I was able to really create an aesthetic that set me apart from a lot of the work being produced by other photographers in the area.  

Innovation in Autofocus Technology:

Fujifilm’s innovation is evident in its autofocus technology. We were able to more accurately and quickly tune our cameras in with the right settings  making capturing those intimate moments during a wedding ceremony or reception more precise and effortless.  We were able to upgrade our reception lighting using smaller light stands and smaller cordless lights- this gave us flexibility in moving the lights so that they weren’t in anyones way, and it didn’t interfere with the decor.  

It’s Important to Choose a Photographer Who Understands Their Camera:

While the transition from Canon to Fujifilm showcases the appeal of switching- the importance of a photographer understanding their chosen camera cannot be overstated—especially in the context of wedding photography.

Seamless Adaptation:

A photographer who intimately knows the ins and outs of their camera can seamlessly adapt to various shooting conditions. This adaptability is crucial when capturing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of a wedding day.

Optimizing Camera Features:

Each camera brand comes with its unique set of features and capabilities. A photographer who understands their camera can optimize these features to capture stunning images, whether it’s exploiting specific lenses, utilizing custom presets, or navigating intricate settings.

Efficient Troubleshooting:

Weddings are live events with no retakes. A photographer who is well-acquainted with their camera can troubleshoot issues swiftly, ensuring that technical glitches do not interfere with capturing the perfect shot.  This also brings up an important point of making sure the wedding photographer you hire has backup equipment in case something goes wrong!  I have accidentally switched a setting on my camera in rare instances, and didn’t have time to change it back, so luckily because we have two cameras strapped to us, all I have to do is grab the other camera and continue working.  This is hugely important because 90% of the time, I can’t recreate the moment that I could have missed!  

Consistent Style and Quality:

Consistency is key in wedding photography. A photographer who intimately knows their camera can maintain a consistent style throughout the event, delivering a cohesive collection of images that tell a seamless and beautiful story.  We spend a lot of time playing with our cameras, changing settings, taking silly pictures of our kids, and dogs- just so that we can see how a certain setting works.  We do this so that on your wedding day, we aren’t playing with our cameras trying to figure them out.  There is NO time for that!!  On the flip side of understanding our cameras, is also making sure that you are getting a consistent style from BOTH of your photographers should you hire a team for your wedding day.  Our clients have routinely commented on the fact that our work is so much the same that they can’t tell if I took the picture, or if Shane did!  We have exactly the same style, which means it looks as if the entire wedding was photographed by one person.  


In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding photography, the switch from Canon to Fujifilm reflects a pursuit of innovation and a desire for enhanced features. However, regardless of the camera brand, the expertise and understanding a photographer brings to their equipment are paramount. When choosing a wedding photographer, look for someone who not only embraces cutting-edge technology but also has an intimate connection with their camera, ensuring that your special day is captured with precision, creativity, and a keen eye for detail.

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